2017-10-11 / Editorial

Police deserve our appreciation

To the editor:

I had been planning for some time to send some help to the victims of recent catastrophic storms. As an individual, it’s very difficult to ship my goods to the right place.

I finally decided that the Police Department would be the most reliable and that canned foods would certainly fill some hungry stomachs.

When I told Mandy at Food Lion my plan, she immediately pulled out her smart phone and found that food wasn’t mentioned on the Police Department’s list, as they were looking mainly for physical assistance primarily for women and children.

When my box was almost full, I said, “like it or not, I’m sending these cans of food for hungry stomachs.”

When I went to the police station, I was surprised at the number of boxes that filled the room for donations.

They informed me that this was their third load to be sent to the traumatized area.

It was a great feeling knowing my gift would go to the place I intended it to go, and I think we should all thank our Police Department personally for their extra work and dedication to helping humanity. My heartfelt thanks to the Roxboro Police Department.

Samuel H. Winstead


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