2017-10-11 / News

Deputies discover moonshine still

Person County Sheriff ’s deputies, acting on an anonymous tip, discovered a liquor still in a barn behind a house on Lucy Garrett Road Friday afternoon.

Deputies staked out the barn at the back of a piece of property at 187 Lucy Garrett Road where they observed several barrels and smelled a sour odor that is common in liquor production.

Investigators later charged Stephen Abraham Moore, 38, with manufacturing and possession of non tax-paid liquor.

According to reports, deputies, after they observed the operation, knocked on the door of the home. The woman who answered said she was the renter at that address and that two other people lived there.

She gave them permission to search the barn. During their search, deputies found a locked door.

They called Moore, who was at work and told him why they were there.

Officers then got a search warrant to search the entire property. They found three propane burners, two barrels, copper piping and 70 Mason jars.

In Moore’s bedroom, officers found five quarts of liquor and in his car, they found another six quarts.

Deputies confiscated his car and the items used to make the liquor.

Man charged with assault

A Timberlake man was charged with aggravated assault on Sunday night after he allegedly got into an argument with his stepfather.

Juanita Alan Farmer, 23, of 197 Crystal Springs Drive, Timberlake, told deputies he had come home and found his stepfather and mother in an argument.

He got a baseball bat from his mother’s bedroom and confronted his stepfather.

The argument moved out onto the porch, where the two men began pushing each other.

Farmer allegedly struck his stepfather several times before his parents could get the baseball bat away from him.

Farmer was placed in the Person County jail under $1,000 secured bond.

His stepfather was treated by EMS at the sheriff ’s office, but later took himself to Person Memorial Hospital.

Missing television returned

A Roxboro woman has decided not to press charges against her son after he allegedly took a television from the home he shared with his father.

The woman told deputies she discovered the $2,400 television missing from the home last Thursday.

She asked her son where the television was and he told her he had taken it to the shop for repairs. She told him to get the television back, but it was not immediately returned.

The victim called deputies on Friday and reported that the television had been returned.

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